Audacity in Education

Below is a basic list of inspirational ideas for using Audacity in education. Feel free to contribute additional ideas by clicking on "Edit This Page" above.

  1. Record student assessments or presentations.
  2. Record student performances, celebrations, and other events (including guest speakers).
  3. Record student interviews (such as oral histories, documentaries, reinactments, and "mockumentaries").
  4. Record course content (for just-in-time, on-demand learning).
  5. Record spoken language for English Language Development, Language Arts, or Foreign Language.
  6. Record exerpts from text books, novels, or poetry for language arts.
  7. Record weekly announcements, assignments, or "week in review" segments (including sub plans).
  8. Record multi-track soundtracks for Movie Maker projects.
  9. Record narrations for presentations (even PowerPoint).
  10. Record content for student radio stations or podcasts.
  11. Record instructions (or How-To's) for certain lessons.
  12. Record a field trip and bring it into the classroom... or more classrooms.

And more...

  1. Exercise Audio Tapes (For PE - or Square Dancing... it's a standard!)
  2. Students can write songs (or lyrics for existing songs... or singing existing songs)
  3. Welcome greetings (for open house etc... including student self-introductions)
  4. Student reading practice - or models
  5. Use for students with hearing impairments - to take notes
  6. Help primary students with their fluency... recording a script (for a puppet show)
  7. The Mother's Day Project - Record Kids Reading
  8. Remember you can add music to any of these recordings!